Wednesday, 28 April 2010

My creative space: Quercus Silver

Creative spaces are not only very personal to their artist but they can vary from a dedicated studio, to a dining room table, to a tray on a crafter's lap in the evenings. If we are driven to create, we do what we can to make our space work and accommodate us! Whatever their set-up, everyone works differently; so we thought it would be fun to show you where the magic happens. First up is Su of Quercus Silver, based in Bath. Su has a dedicated workshop. Not only does it give her a peaceful escape from the rest of the household but she can pick straight up where she left off the previous day because it is her own private space. Take a look:
Su says:
"So here is a picture of my bench... I'm in the middle of making some new resin pieces which you can see on my main bench, and I'm making rings for the Ring a Day [a 365 day challenge!] at my soldering station. This is such a personal place to me that it's hard to be objective about it. Everything  looks organised to me but probably only to me..."
You can follow and keep up with the latest Quercus Silver news on Su's blog; and do have a peep in her shop - she has a new AbstraKt range of resin earrings in lush colours for Spring/Summer :D


  1. It's much tidier than my workspace...

  2. I love Quercus space, and I know exactly what Su means about it being organised to your own eye.

  3. It's fascinating that there are so many creative spaces tucked away in peoples homes and gardens .... love yours Su