Sunday, 23 May 2010

My creative space: Kankou

Not all of us are lucky enough to have a dedicated workroom, so we make do with the space we have and long-suffering family members have a lesson in 'how to be accommodating'...

This is a snapshot of our SWAC team founder, Kankou's creative space:

Kankou says:

There it is: my space. I took the photograph as I walked in from work - no preliminary tidying! This is just as it genuinely is... on the dining room table - which means that dinner time is a bit of a squeeze for the four of us to eat around. There are more things in boxes under the chairs. My next project: buying a corner shelf :D

You can check out Kankou's very beautiful [and very tidy!] jewellery shop here.


  1. Now this is good, makes me feel like i am not the only one without a cute little studio to create peacefully in!

    Stunning shop too xx

  2. A little cluttered but still a lovely well-lit, well- used, well-loved space.
    Beautiful shop .

  3. This looks just like my "studio"! I work at the kitchen table and boxes are stacked under chairs and on top of the seats while they're tucked under the table. It's a good job only two of us need to eat there.

  4. OMG! I had forgotten I sent you this pic Maisy! Really laughed when I saw it! My hubby asks if anyone has "some sympathy" for the "long-suffering family" to which I replied that Maisy made a mention of them!
    Yes, the corner shelf is on top of my to-buy list! This "little clutter" as Bigbluebed kindly describes, has gone on for too long!...

  5. I'm impressed. I dont have one work area - I seem to be scattered across the house! - and garden sometimes. I dye and felt wool in the kitchen, card and spin in the living room.. and knit and crochet anywhere and everywhere!
    looks pretty organised to me! :)

  6. oh oh oh!
    Your blog, is rather splendid!
    Thank-you for playing show and tell with all your pretty thoughts and pictures!

    x x x